Jekyll and UnCSS

Jun 26, 2015

An example using Jekyll and UnCSS to ensure unused CSS is removed during the build.

Improving CSS Performance

Jun 10, 2015

With a few considerations when typing CSS we can ensure that our CSS is as performant as possible for the end user. These are some concepts I like to keep in mind when typing and analyzing CSS.

Convention Over Configuration

Feb 3, 2015

A thought piece on why I think convention over configuration is a good thing.

Creating an Ember.js Addon with the Ember CLI

Dec 14, 2014

Thanks to the power of the Ember CLI, reusing code and functionality between apps has never been easier.

Build Tasks with Gulp.js

Aug 8, 2014

Gulp.js is a streaming build system. Their API is lean, simple, and a delight to use. In this post I've outlined how Gulp works and how I use it in my everyday workflow.

An Explanation of the Difference Between Mixins and Extends in Sass

Jul 25, 2014

The failure to use Sass mixins and extends correctly can result in bloated, inefficient CSS. So, I decided to dive into the differences, and illustrate the correct use cases for each.

An Introduction to the Swift Programming Language - Part One

Jun 4, 2014

This is the first part of many that chronicles my exploration into Apple's new programming language, Swift.

Urls for Humans

Apr 24, 2014

Apply persistent, meaningful, human-friendly urls to your Ruby on Rails app without any extra cruft.

Getting Started with Ember JS Generators

Mar 11, 2014

A brief introduction to Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower for the Rails developer.

Strong Parameters with Rails 4

Mar 8, 2014

I think Strong Parameters are the best thing for Rails since sliced bread. Here's why.

Decorators on Rails

Mar 7, 2014

After giving a lightning talk on Decorators on Rails, I figured the slides needed an accompanying blog post.

Create a pretty browser window mockup in HTML+CSS

Mar 6, 2014

This ensures that the content can be changed at will be just changing a tag in the HTML rather than opening up Photoshop.

Open a Bundled Gem in Sublime Text

Mar 5, 2014

Often times when I'm debugging, I find it very valuable to be able to quickly open up a gem that I'm using and read the source. Now it's just a simple command.

The Origins of Creative Insight & Why You Need Grit

Jan 6, 2014

An interesting talk on creativity by Jonah Lehrer at Behance's 99% conference.

Url Format Validator, Yet Another Gem

Dec 24, 2013

Validate urls and format them with an all-inclusive gem.

Email Format Validator for Rails

Dec 6, 2013

Validate urls and format them with an all-inclusive gem.

Link With Icon, A Gem

Dec 2, 2013

Incorporate links with icons using a fancy helper to ensure readable code.

Validating Presence with Nested Attributes in Ruby on Rails

Jan 12, 2013

The standard validates_presence_of keyword doesn't play nicely with nested attributes, however inverse_of does.

Nested Attributes with Rails 3

Jan 10, 2013

An example of the awesomeness of accepts_nested_attributes_for with Rails 3 models and forms.