An Explanation of the Difference Between Mixins and Extends in Sass

Failure to use Sass mixins and extends correctly can result in bloated, inefficient CSS. So, I decided to dive into the differences, and illustrate the correct uses.

An Introduction to the Swift Programming Language - Part One

This is the first part of many that chronicles my exploration into Apple's new programming language, Swift.

Urls for Humans

Apply persistent, meaningful, human-friendly urls to your Ruby on Rails app without any extra cruft.

Getting Started with Ember JS Generators

A brief introduction to Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower for the Rails developer.

Strong Parameters with Rails 4

I think Strong Parameters are the best thing for Rails since sliced bread. Here's why.

Decorators on Rails

After giving a lightning talk on Decorators on Rails, I figured the slides needed an accompanying blog post.

Create a pretty browser window mockup in HTML+CSS

This ensures that the content can be changed at will be just changing a tag in the HTML rather than opening up Photoshop.

Open a Bundled Gem in Sublime Text

Often times when I'm debugging, I find it very valuable to be able to quickly open up a gem that I'm using and read the source. Now it's just a simple command.

The Origins of Creative Insight & Why You Need Grit

An interesting talk on creativity by Jonah Lehrer at Behance's 99% conference.

Url Format Validator, Yet Another Gem

Validate urls and format them with an all-inclusive gem.

Email Format Validator for Rails

Validate urls and format them with an all-inclusive gem.

Link With Icon, A Gem

Incorporate links with icons using a fancy helper to ensure readable code.

Validating Presence with Nested Attributes in Ruby on Rails

The standard validates_presence_of keyword doesn't play nicely with nested attributes, however inverse_of does.

Nested Attributes with Rails 3

An example of the awesomeness of accepts_nested_attributes_for with Rails 3 models and forms.